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Welcome to AstroRaj where, using fundamentals of ancient Vedic astrology, we give you solutions to your problems and generate expectations for your bright future. We are strictly based on scientific ideas, that is, the correlation between celestial bodies movements and our physical being

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Prashna Kundali Astrology

(Get Your One Question Answered For Free Every Day)
Prashna means Question and Kundali translates to Horoscope in English. Under this service, we answer all the questions based on minimal information provided by the user. Also, the uders are invited to ask one question of their choice every day for free!



Do you have anything to ask about? Are you having questions regarding any sphere of life? TAROT CARD READING is very much here to help you! then open a card. We'll offer you the answer of your problem/ query soon through our twenty four hours working mail.


Career Astrology

There might be hundreds of options out there that you think are worth trying for, however, it's only one job which is right for you. Let us help you find it and guide you how to grab it. Keeping your lifes interests/passion in mind, Astro Raj's scientific astrology will help you figure out the career field where you're destined to bloom like a magnificent flower. Try it now!

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Love Marriage Astrology and Tips

Are you unsure of the current person in your life? Are you facing turbulence in your married life? Is it taking too long for you to find the right partner? Are you afraid of infidelity? Let Astro Raj solve these and similar issues and make the bond between you and your partner long-lasting, passionate and peaceful.

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Astrology Health Issues

A calm mind brings inner strength and peace, and the key to master a calm mind is a healthy body. Whether it's any kind of mental illness or a physical distress, Astro Raj will not only figure out the root cause but will also guide you the easy ways in which you can get rid of the disease. Check out more!

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Cricket Prediction

Want to see how your favourite player will perform in the upcoming cricket match? Astro Raj's accurate predictions will provide you with the complete ins and outs of the matches like test match, ODI and T20, before they are Live on your TV screen. However, as an expert who can predict merely by calculating the time frame of the toss, Astro Raj is completely against any kind of illegal betting.

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