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Online Face Reading Services

Free Face Reading by Photo

Online Free Face Reading by Photo

Online Face Reading

What is Face Reading?

Face reading, in other words physiognomy is a science to observe expressions especially facial expressions to understand the personal behavior or individuality like mental status, inner strength, emotionality, communication, mannerism, personal history.

Face reading tool is used since the existence of human kind in all sorts of diagnosis and discussion. All parts of your face say something about you, which can notice easily by anybody starting with sizes, types and presence of any lines/wrinkles.

Face reading is first and foremost observation to understand the person past, present and future in other words from birth to old age.

Where we require Face Reading?
  • Choosing right soul mate.
  • Dating Partner
  • Career & Work
  • Health & Illness Problems
  • Understanding Boss/Head or Employee's
  • Sex & Physical Partner.

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How to Read Face?

The face you are interpreting is like a computer printout of their emotional, spiritual and mental past. The physical transformation may not be obvious immediately as the soft tissue changes slower than the consciousness. Each Facial Feature has a drawing, a photo of the feature and a description of the psychological meaning. There are thousand of features and one has to do a composite character reading (observing multiple features) to interpret accurate results

Broader aspects some facial features psychological meaning.

  • Hair: Physical insulation, endurance, overall strength
  • Forehead: Thinking style
  • Eyes: Attitude, life perspective
  • Eyebrows: Thought patterns, reputation, fame
  • Nose: Work style, financial Priorities
  • Mouth: Self expression, communication
  • Cheek: Perceived Power
  • Jaw: Actual Power
  • Chin: Strength, will power, tolerance
  • Lips: Relationships
  • Teeth: Decision
  • Ears: Information gathering and processing
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Here's one should understand that no specific features can interpret the person only composite analysis can provide you with accurate interpretation. Some analysis shows seven point divisions of facial features to understand the person livelihood till death. This is wrong interpretation, and we suggest understanding features in composite comparative analysis.

What are the facial features one should look?
  • Shape of Face-Square, Round, Oval, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond.
  • Hair Style-Fine Hair, Curly Hair, Thick Hair, Straight Hair
  • Hair Color- Black, Brown, Blond, Red
  • Forehead- Round, Square, high, short, Widow's Peak, Uneven hairline, Cross lines
  • Eye Color- Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Haze
  • Eye Sizes- Large, small, One Eye Bigger, Wide, Close, Deep, Goes Out
  • Eyelids- Visible, Invisible
  • Eyebrows- Low, High, Thick, Thin, Arched, Rounded, Flat, Straight, Unibrow, Uneven, One Strong
  • Cheeks- High Bones, Flat Bones, Rounded, Dimple
  • Nose- Large, Hawk, Visible Nostrils, Narrow Bridge, Split tip, Break Along
  • Lip- Wide, Small, Thin, Corner lines, Lower lip bigger, Upper lip larger
  • Teeth- Space between front two, Chaotic, Front Teeth Large, Small, Visible Gum Line.
  • Ear Heights- High, Low, Mid area turns inside out, Long lobes, No Lobe, Unusual Shape
  • Chin- Center Dimple, Rounded, Square, Forward,.
  • Jaws- Broad, Narrow, One side bigger
  • Moles-Different mole areas interpret differently.

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