Privacy Policy

privacy policy

AstroRaj takes every individual's privacy seriously and respects one's right to personal confidentiality. So that you are clear about our work ethics, we've penned down some customer privacy guidelines for you.

1. Collected Information and Its Usage

• Once you decide to share your deepest worries and secrets with us, be assured that your information is not going to leak. From your email ids, names, phone numbers to your topic of discussion, every minute detail is safe with us.

• In case you decide to register on the website of AstroRaj, your email id and password will remain safe in our database and will never be shared with any third party for their commercial/personal benefit.

• We do not utilize any information from the registered id unless it's voluntarily provided by the client during his/her counselling. Any horoscopes or other special offers that the clients choose to receive will be sent to them exclusively by AstroRaj.

• Our clients have always been loyal to us only because we have been extremely particular and genuine towards each one of them.

2. Removal of Client's Profile

If you wish to remove your review/profile from, you can simply do so by writing us at

If you still have any queries regarding our privacy policies, feel free to write to us at

3. Legal Disclaimer

We are not responsible for the third party links that flash on AstroRaj's website. We're not in control of or responsible for their privacy practices. In case the client accesses the third party's webpage from AstroRaj's website, it is client's own choice to share his/her information with the third party.

4. Your Responsibility

You are responsible for your security, hence we suggest you keeping your id/password details safe and not sharing it with anyone else. Always remember to log out after your session ends to ensure that others cannot access your private/ personal information.

5. Product Policy

The products bought from the AstroRaj's website are all genuine and certified. With every product, we've mentioned its type, usage, and volume. Offers, if any, will be displayed, too. The offers are subjected to AstroRaj's interest and can be altered whenever we desire. Also, the product policies are the general rules that are set up by the management itself while making product decisions. We allow the user to return the product within 7 days of receiving, in case he/she is not satisfied by the quality. However, it is the buyer's responsibility to return the product to AstroRaj at the given
address :
Astro Vastu Consultant
72-77, G1, Gyan Vihar,Sadguru Apartment,
Nirman Nagar, Brijlalpura,
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019, India

6. Disclaimer

The information available on contains facts, figures, opinions, statements and views of our on-boardexpert astrologers. There is no third party involvement. Also, we're not endorsing or representing any advertisers while uploading, distributing and sharing any information/advice.

We suggest our clients to act wise while exercising any kind of prediction made by us. We are not endorsing accuracy, completeness, reliability of any advice, opinion,statement,or any other information displayed, uploaded, distributed, through our website. While acquiring any kind of information related to the cricket matches that are taking place anywhere in the world, keep in mind that AstroRaj is not endorsing cricket betting as we consider it highly illegal.

The service is available to the clients for fun purpose only. The service can be removed any time as and when desired by AstroRaj. When it comes to buying any product from AstroRaj, we're not liable to the customer for any damages or losses during the shipping of the product.